We believe that God never intended people to be segregated or separated. His plan has always been to unite His People under the leadership of His Spirit. He gives each Church and Business a part to play and together we have all the resources to meet the challenges of our generation. One Church. Corporate Sponsor. One House. One life.

We created a model where The E49 Foundation carries the administrative and networking load for the area churches and businesses. E49 facilitates the development of the Village site where the Tiny House Village is built through our Real Estate partner, Real Estate with Purpose. This includes connecting the place, the plan and the resources needed to launch a new Village. Once a project has enough parts to begin, local Churches become the key partners. The job is small enough that a small church can handle it, but big enough that it can be scaled to fit larger congregations, businesses, or non-profits. 

Church defined is all of the people in a church...whether you are a Pastor or Leader inside the walls of the church OR outside the walls of the church. Business people are often left out of the equation other than writing checks. The Village model is designed to have a Corporate Sponsor on each home partnering together to make it happen! Corporate Sponsorship comes with all of the marketing, social media and branding privileges a business and their marketing team would expect, including signage at the Village, on websites and social media shouts. 

Here’s how the partnership works:

Step 1.
The local Church agrees to build at least one house (larger churches may choose to do more than one house) at a cost of $10,000 per home. This includes the trailer and all the building materials, delivered to the Church property. In addition to the materials, each Church receives a comprehensive set of building plans and a dedicated construction guide who will be available to answer questions as well as make site visits as needed. Churches are responsible for having a general contractor on site during builds and at least one person who can read plans and guide the build with their teams. If the Church body cannot complete the home or would rather contract it out, an additional $2000 will secure a complete build-out by our local building contractor partner.

Step 2.
The Corporate Sponsor agrees to match the donation of $10,000 and joins the Church team to complete the build and insure residents can participate in employment through our Social Enterprises and Entrepreneur training. Living on the streets makes one resourceful! And while we recognize the importance of goals to transition residents into mainstream living and jobs, that process takes approximately two years to complete. During that time, it's important for residents to translate their existing skills into a micro-enterprise that they create or that we create for them. Some of the social enterprises we are working on this year are a Community Garden, Food Truck and a for-profit version of our Tiny Homes built by our residents for other cities and counties wanting to replicate The Village. 

Step 3.
Once the home is completed, the Church we will place the home on the most current Village site and memorialize it with you and your organization! We also encourage referrals from churches and businesses to the Village. However, we do request that no promises be made to individuals experiencing homelessness until our on-site representatives can interview and insure the applicant is a good fit for the Village. We encourage the church to celebrate the visible build-out and naming process. It is also strongly suggested that the church schedule a time for their home to be driven to the Tiny House Village where it will be dedicated, and where their new friend can move into the home surrounded by the people who built it.

Step 4.
Once the home is completed, delivered and occupied, the real work begins. Each church and business owner provides a small team of people who will commit to partnering for a minimum of three years and raising a minimum of $5000 annually per home through a fundraising dinner we will help you throw to assist with services for residents and home maintanence. This ensures that there is an opportunity for the resident to get healthy and learn what stability feels like. This team will be fully trained and equipped through our E49 partnership. Every church has people who are hard-wired to desire this kind of hands-on hurting person ministry. As pastors and leaders we want you to make this ministry part of your Church rhythm. Give your people a place to discover and live their calling. Help them to tell the story to the rest of the Church body and celebrate together as you save a life and change a legacy

We have created the Church, Business – Tiny House Village Partnership to be user friendly. We know you don’t have a bunch more time and money sitting around. We have worked with hundreds of pastors and business leaders for decades and the Tiny House Village Partnership was designed to work for you and your congregation or business. If you can raise $10,000 and gather a small team of people, you are ready to get in the game. The person who lives in the tiny home is part of your congregation. Your team becomes their extended family who celebrates the wins and grieve the loses. By partnering with us, you will be able to change the trend of homelessness, demonstrate the power of God and the unity of His Church. You will encourage your congregation and demonstrate the heart of God for the poor and needy in our City.

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