If you know someone who is experiencing homelessness who you would like considered for a Compassion Village tiny home, please let us know using the form below. Keep in mind that while we receive referrals almost every day, we still consider and save each one. If your referral is not chosen for Compassion Village, there may be an opportunity for other resident programs in the future.

If you need immediately assistance, you can dial 211 to receive current information about housing options in Sacramento.

Note: The first 12 Tiny Homes are now on site and filled with residents, with another 8 to be completed by December 2018. Once a referral is made, we contact the potential resident, determine if they want to reside in the Village, and keep them in the loop until they can be housed. If you are a potential resident and you do not have someone who can refer you to us, please fill out this form on your own behalf. Thank you! 

Resident Referral Form

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The cost of living in a Compassion Village tiny home is approximately $425 per month.
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